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Next Generation Kids has over 20 years experience training up the next generation of performers! Our training in singing, dancing, acting, piano and guitar has prepared students for productions on a local and national level. Our students have earned honors at thespian competitions, played leads in area and school performances, and done recording sessions for national TV shows. We've even had 3 students go on the Broadway National Tour of Annie. Many of our NGK alumni have earned college scholarships in the performing arts. We hope you'll join the excitement as your child begins the journey of a lifetime!

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  • ALL | By Appointment
    Private Piano Lessons
    Aug 22 thru Dec 17 | By Appointment

    Private Piano is offered for beginning level students (1-4 years experience) beginning at age 4. Students work one-on-one with one of our skilled teachers giving them proper keyboard technique, music theory and improvisation skills. Please go to our Private Piano page for more information. To register for lessons, click here!  register now

  • ALL | By Appointment
    Private Voice
    Aug 22 thru Dec 17 | By Appointment

    Nothing can help you advance in your singing career more than good private voice lessons. Whether you're trying out for school shows or competing in Florida All-State or Thespian District competition, private lessons will definitely give you the edge over others! At Next Generation Kids we are leading the way with quality teachers sharing their skill and knowledge with you. Please go to our Private Voice page to get more information. To register for lessons click here! register now

  • Middle/High School | Mondays
    Middle/High School students
    Aug 22 thru Dec 13 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm

    The Middle/High class focuses on performance skills needed for professional and community theater. Vocal technique, script study, audition skills, movement and more are covered in this class. The end of semester show will be in the style of a USO show featuring music from Broadway including a song from the hottest show on Broadway, Hamilton. register now

  • ALL | By Appointment
    Private Guitar Lessons
    Aug 22 thru Dec 17 | By Appointment

    Guitar Lessons are coming to NGK this fall! We are offering private lessons and a group class. Beginning students and advanced students have the opportunity to take lessons. Contact us for more information. register now

  • Ages 3-4 | Tuesdays
    Rising Stars
    Aug 23 thru Dec 17 | 4:00pm - 4:45pm

    Pre-schoolers at Next Generation Kids are introduced to dancing, singing, and acting while using their imagination. Students will learn basic ballet, and vocal technique. They will also be encouraged to creatively move their bodies while exploring the language of the theatre. Basic music skills are also presented making use of different rhythms and melodies. The semester culminates with a presentation honoring our great country, Stars and Stripes Forever.  register now

  • Grade k-2 | Tuesdays
    Kid Power Jr.
    Aug 23 thru Dec 17 | 5:00pm-6:00pm

    K-2nd graders at Next Generation Kids focus on dancing, singing, and acting within a musical theater environment. Students are introduced to dance technique that focuses on steps used in the theater, also highlighting basic ballet and tap. Vocal technique in this class focuses on reading music on the staff and interpreting printed rhythms. K-2nd graders are also expected to be able to interpret and articulate dialogue from a theatrical script. There achievements will be presented at the end of the semester in a production honoring our great country, Stars and Stripes Forever.  register now

  • Grade 3-5 | Tuesdays
    Kid Power Sr.
    Aug 23 thru Dec 17 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm

    The 3rd-5th grade class at Next Generation Kids is an intermediate musical theater educational class. Students in this class are introduced to a variety of theatrical dance styles. 3rd-5th graders also read notes and rhythms, and are capable of singing basic harmonies. This class also focuses on script study, and theatrical terminology. 3rd-5th graders can use theatrical vocabulary when receiving stage directions. The end of the semester is marked by a production in the style of a traditional USO show honoring the troops, and our great country. It will feature popular music hits from the 1930s and 1940s.  register now

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